Name: Moana

Location: Canterbury Museum

Sponsor: Gateway Antarctica, University of Canterbury

Design Inspiration

Principal artist, Lucy Howell, collaborated with Rose Foster, Andrea Herbert and Rodrigo Gomez-Fell – all researchers at Gateway Antarctica – to bring about their vision of the delicate connectedness among the marine and terrestrial spheres. Moana exudes this inextricable connection as a hoiho, the rarest penguin species in the world, by carrying some of Aotearoa New Zealand’s other endangered species on her back: a gold-striped gecko, Maui dolphin, and of course the kiwi, as examples. Our artists are affiliated with the University of Canterbury as students, researchers, and intellectuals, and they volunteered their time and energy toward Moana while taking classes and conducting research amidst a pandemic. Their willingness to tell Moana’s story is a testament to their dedication toward creating a future where each of these species, and their endangered kin around the world, still exist.

Pop Up Penguins

Pop Up Penguins