Learning Programme Partner

The International Antarctic Centre is the world’s public voice for Antarctica, and we are passionate about ensuring its ongoing environmental protection. We are dedicated to opening people’s hearts and minds to the importance of Antarctica by inviting visitors to See it, Love it and Save it.

Along with inviting guests to the centre to view our Little Blue and White Flippered penguins, we are pleased to be able to offer online and outreach learning options to support early enquiry, safely. When you can visit you can also experience our Storm Dome, Husky Zone, our Hugglunds and our interactive 4D and HD theatres.

Our Antarctic Academy team of educators and our penguin keepers have taken their expertise about penguins and the challenges they face and have developed a comprehensive education programme designed to generate a head full of knowledge, a heart full of love and the inspiration to take action.

We are proud to partner with Wild in Art and look forward to supporting our local schools. We are excited t0 see the students’ designs pop-up across our City, and delighted to play a part in bringing our local community together to celebrate all that penguins represent.

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Pop Up Penguins

Pop Up Penguins