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COMNAP is excited that Christchurch, the home of the COMNAP Headquarters, is hosting Pop Up Penguins. COMNAP is an international organisation that facilitates cooperation among all thirty of the National Antarctic Programmes – the government entities, like Antarctica New Zealand, responsible for the delivery of Antarctic scientific research. Together they operate 84 Antarctic research stations, coordinate logistics, and support internationally collaborative research.

COMNAP’s goal is to “Develop and promote best practice in managing support of scientific research in Antarctica.” To achieve this we form international partnerships, exchange information and provide practical, technical and non-political advice on a range of topics from waste management and alternative energy, to international collaboration and education.

COMNAP loves penguins, loves Antarctica and knows that Antarctica is of global importance. PopUp Penguins is the perfect opportunity to learn about penguins and to think about our connections to Antarctica.

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Pop Up Penguins

Pop Up Penguins