Pop Up Penguins presents a unique opportunity for businesses to engage with their audiences in a very personal way. By sponsoring a sculpture on the trail, a company is able to express their values, their culture, their vision and their sense of humour to thousands of trail followers. From commissioning the artist to selecting a location for their penguin and attending events, companies can show people who they are and what they do in a disarming and creative way.

“We can all remember the effect the giraffes of Christchurch Stands Tall had on our city as we were in recovery from the earthquakes. They brought people back into the city and gave everyone, young and old, something joyful to share for a whole summer. And now it’s Pop Up Penguins that will populate the city this summer, a great theme for one of the world’s five gateway cities to Antarctica. We need events and creative projects like Pop Up Penguins to draw people back into the city, promote creativity, delight children, connect communities and celebrate life. I encourage those businesses that are in a position to do so, to support this project and give Christchurch a summer of smiles. Lianne Dalziel, Mayor of Christchurch

We want to thank all the companies who have sponsored the project. We are so grateful for your support in what has become a particularly hard year for cultural events. There are still opportunities for supporting Pop Up Penguins, in relation to our Farewell Event and Auction.

Please contact our Event Producer, Claire Cowles if you would like more information on how you can get involved: claire@popuppenguins.co.nz

Sponsor Brochure


50 large penguin sculptures, sponsored by companies and decorated by established and emerging artists displayed across Christchurch.


Nine weeks, out and about in Christchurch, exploring and rediscovering our wonderful city.


75% of the proceeds of the auction will be gifted to Cholmondeley Children’s Centre to provide respite care for children whose whānau are in crisis.

Pop Up Penguins

Pop Up Penguins