Pattern #1453: Antarctic Fair Isle

Pattern #1453: Antarctic Fair Isle

Name: Pattern #1453: Antarctic Fair Isle

Location: Christchurch Town Hall

Created by: Jen McBride

Sponsor: Southern Eye Specialists

Design Inspiration

This graphic pattern is inspired by the texture of knitted stitches and works to create a Fair Isle design painted onto the penguin’s surface. Since 2019, Southern Eye Specialists have been running a knitting project in their reception to give patients something interesting to do in between tests and assessments. Knitted squares are then sewn together to make blankets that are donated to the Dog Watch Sanctuary Trust. Of course, a knitted penguin was their choice for the trail!

There are two days dedicated to penguins each year*. So why can’t some of our penguins have two names? That’s the case with the lucky Southern Eye Specialists penguin. Artist Jen McBride named her design ‘Pattern #1453: Antarctic Fair Isle’. Southern Eye Specialists asked their Facebook followers what they would call it and they chose – Mooshu.

The name was provided by Marilyn and Richard Hore in honour of their daughter, Meg, who sadly passed away in 2019. Meg loved penguins, even adopting several at the Oamaru Penguin Colony.

You can see the penguin outside Christchurch’s most prestigious performance space. The stage is set – come meet Mooshu!

* Penguin Awareness Day (Jan 20th). World Penguin Day (April 25th)

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