Best Dressed Hoiho

Name: Best Dressed Hoiho

Location: Worcester Bridge

Created by: Sheyne Tuffery

Sponsor: Decipher Group

Design Inspiration

Hoiho and New Zealand penguins have been a central concept in Sheyne Tuffery’s artwork for many years. During that time, he became fascinated with their society and how Utopian it seems; from a distance. The hoiho, is one of the top guards of flightless birds, along with the kiwi, kakapo and late moa. The ‘Best Dressed Hoiho’ is about how unique they truly are, with their natural tuxedos and yellow goggles. It is a celebration of their originality, stemming from our country’s isolation from the predator world for so long.

Pop Up Penguins

Pop Up Penguins