Harcourts Design Competition

Presenting Partner for Pop Up Penguins, Harcourts Canterbury, has just launched a totally awesome design competition, open to all children aged 18 and below, living in Canterbury.

They’re asking children to send in designs to decorate a little penguin sculpture to be included on the Pop Up Penguins trail at the end of the year. Harcourts will judge all submissions and the winning design will be given to an artist to decorate the blank sculpture.

This sculpture will then be displayed for all to see during the 10-week art trail. At the end of the trail, Harcourts will present the finished sculpture to the winning designer, who will be able to keep the penguin forever! This is an awesome prize and we can’t wait to see all the creativity our Cantabrian children are going to come up with.

Things to think about when children are coming up with designs:

  • Last year the hoiho penguin was voted NZ Bird of the Year, but did you know there are 17 different penguin species living in the Southern Hemisphere?
  • Christchurch is one of five Gateways to Antarctica, which means many explorers, scientists and environmentalists come through our city on their way to discover more about this mysterious continent. What do you know about Antarctica?
  • Penguins live in colonies; community is really important to them. That’s true in Christchurch too.  What does community mean to you?
  • Penguins and many other birds, animals and sea life are facing extinction because of climate change. What can we do to slow down climate change?

For more information about the competition and to download a submission form go to:


Pop Up Penguins

Pop Up Penguins