Bringing the ‘POP’ to a penguin

The magic of a Wild in Art trail is created through the imagination and skills of the artists who decorate the sculptures. So many artists have been inspired by the Pop Up Penguins themes and we have 54 penguins on the trail that prove it!

We put a call out to artists at the beginning of 2020 and were blown away by the 128 designs sent in by over 80 artists. The designs were shown to sponsors through our online gallery and they commissioned the artists to decorate their sponsored penguin with their favourite design.

We’re so excited to share information about the artists who are commissioned for Pop Up Penguins and finally unveiling their work on 29 November 2020. The penguins are on display for nine weeks so make sure you add Pop Up Penguins to your list of unmissable things to do and see this summer.

Helen Trappitt is a structural engineer and director at Lewis Bradford. She specialises in the structural design of large scale public art and is fascinated by the synergies of engineering and art. At....Read more
My practise has always followed my personal whim, and my practice then shaped my whim – in the beginning was the act and then everything else happened. Just now I use rich colours of pale orange ....Read more
Lyttelton artist Gill Hay studied at Ilam art School, Canterbury University. She has exhibited widely in New Zealand and overseas . She is primarily recognised as a painter with iconic landscapes of t....Read more
Georgette Thompson is a portrait and landscape artist based in Christchurch. Working in oils she creates realistic portraits that capture the essence of the subject, that twinkle in the eye or warmth ....Read more
Gemma Rae Dudson (aka Gemma Rae Artist) is a self taught freelance artist. She is a passionate artist in many areas; as a painter she commissions beautiful kids paintings and also loves creating bri....Read more
Frankie's art runs around themes of fighting against consumerism and hedonistic instincts. Birds became a large part of her art as an idea of freedom. The freedom of flight and also their simplicity o....Read more
Debbie Porter from Into The Wild covers a wide range of creative styles and media including illustration, painting, art and photography, as well as graphic design. Debbie takes inspiration from the wo....Read more
Deb Robinson is a dancer that has been working with spectacular sparkling costumes for over 20 years, spreading a passion for sequins and diamantes to fellow dancers wherever she goes. Reflective ligh....Read more
Dasha is a Creative with a capital ‘C’. She spends her days imagining, illustrating and evolving new things at brand and digital agency, Publica. She’s enjoyed developing the identities for som....Read more
Shannon Kelly is a Christchurch based artist. Born in South Africa and brought up in Scotland she has always had an interest in geometry, nature, humankind and our relationship with our surroundings. ....Read more
Chris Pole's recent paintings and drawings consist of distant, isolated landscapes; the images are often split in a diagonal direction with the two halves offset, disrupting the picture plane and crea....Read more
Asheley Elizabeth is a sculptor, often using her materials as metaphor, while combining her love of organic forms and science in ways that push the patterns of nature into a new perspectives. Growing ....Read more
Pop Up Penguins

Pop Up Penguins