Bringing the ‘POP’ to a penguin

The magic of a Wild in Art trail is created through the imagination and skills of the artists who decorate the sculptures. So many artists have been inspired by the Pop Up Penguins themes and we have 54 penguins on the trail that prove it!

We put a call out to artists at the beginning of 2020 and were blown away by the 128 designs sent in by over 80 artists. The designs were shown to sponsors through our online gallery and they commissioned the artists to decorate their sponsored penguin with their favourite design.

We’re so excited to share information about the artists who are commissioned for Pop Up Penguins and finally unveiling their work on 29 November 2020. The penguins are on display for nine weeks so make sure you add Pop Up Penguins to your list of unmissable things to do and see this summer.

Marshal Wang, member of Mensa club who loves oil painting and photography. Marshal was born in China, lives in beautiful Christchurch for 20+ years. As a successful artist, Marshal has very good re....Read more
Mark Catley is mostly known for his fun and playful street art around Christchurch city. Mark started to make my street art after the Christchurch earthquakes. He wanted to give something back to the ....Read more
Magpie Castle is the current form of expression for Christchurch based artist Jinx in the Sky. Previously known mainly through her paintings she has shifted her focus to working with glass over the....Read more
Lisa is an illustrator and surface pattern designer, and is the founder of Lisa Rudman Creative. Her work typically incorporates black and white linework, bright pops of colours, and vibrant typograp....Read more
Laura is a jack-of-all trades artist with a love for film, theatre, FX Makeup and creative design. She has had the pleasure of working alongside other incredible artist including Weta Workshop (dur....Read more
As a child Katrina Perano always wanted to be a zoologist. So now being an animal artist, she can study all creatures to her heart's content. “I have an utter fascination for all creatures. Creature....Read more
Justine Ottey is a local artist with a strong affinity for the New Zealand landscape. Rocky is inspired by the penguins transition from the sea to the rocky shoreline around Banks Peninsula. This a....Read more
Josh graduated from the University of Canterbury school of Fine Arts with First Class Honours in 2011 where he received awards including the Sawtell-Turner Prize in Painting and the winner of the grad....Read more
Jo Ogier’s work is primarily concerned with issues of conservation and ecology. Jo is a Master of Fine Arts graduate from the Otago School of Art (2000), she also holds a Graduate Diploma in Plant a....Read more
Always surprised where the work of being an artist leads him and the discoveries along the way, Jeremy's art evolves by playing with ideas, catching shadows and listening to the moment. He hopes to....Read more
Jen McBride works across a multitude of creative fields, working in design and art direction as well as being a maker and artist. Jen enjoys any opportunity to incorporate handmade elements into her w....Read more
Jayson McRoberts is a local legend. Heavily involved in his community, he coaches local rugby teams, and is a big supporter of the area. He was nominated to complete the artwork by the Hoon Hay com....Read more
Jane works from her studio in Culverden North Canterbury. The farm, her multiple dog and horse companions are her source of painting material, which ends up on paper or canvas using oils, watercolour ....Read more
Jane Downes is a Sculptor/Designer living and working in Little River on Banks Peninsula. Her practice consists of small to large, indoor and outdoor works. Rather than working in the ‘full round’....Read more
Ira feels fortunate to fill her days teaching and making art. She has a BFA in art, postgrad diploma in teaching and currently studying for my Masters in art ARA, and as an educator for National Ge....Read more
Ina Johann uses a range of media in her process-based practice. From photography, painting and drawing to video and light to create her works and installations. Johann has a strong drawing practice....Read more
Pop Up Penguins

Pop Up Penguins