Bringing the ‘POP’ to a penguin

The magic of a Wild in Art trail is created through the imagination and skills of the artists who decorate the sculptures. So many artists have been inspired by the Pop Up Penguins themes and we have 54 penguins on the trail that prove it!

We put a call out to artists at the beginning of 2020 and were blown away by the 128 designs sent in by over 80 artists. The designs were shown to sponsors through our online gallery and they commissioned the artists to decorate their sponsored penguin with their favourite design.

We’re so excited to share information about the artists who are commissioned for Pop Up Penguins and finally unveiling their work on 29 November 2020. The penguins are on display for nine weeks so make sure you add Pop Up Penguins to your list of unmissable things to do and see this summer.

Zulfirman Syah is originally from West Sumatra, Indonesia. He completed a degree in fine art and has been developing his professional career for more than twenty years. Having immigrated to New Zea....Read more
Vanessa Heaver is an up and coming artist who was selected to design this penguin by the Shirley Village Collective. For this project, she teamed up with the nearby Bunnings, whose community team s....Read more
Troy Gutry hails from an exotic childhood. Growing up under the lush palms of the Fijian Islands and later amongst the flora & fauna of Waiheke Island. Creatively, blessed with a mixture of Fij....Read more
Sheyne received a Bachelor of Visual Arts from AUT in 1995 and his Masters of Fine Arts (honours) in 2000 from The University of Auckland. Since graduating, Sheyne has received a number of awards, res....Read more
Sarina Dickson is a Christchurch based writer, artist and educator. She has two new picture books due for release in 2021 with Hachette. Sarina was a part of Wild in Art events, Christchurch Stands....Read more
Sarah is a freelance artist, illustrator and shoe designer based in Ōtautahi, Christchurch. You’ll often find her watercolour painting our native birds and local landscapes or doodling up design....Read more
Bright, eye-catching colours have always been a love of Rebekah's. Because of this, painting has been a hobby of hers since an early age as it was a way to put together those colours in new and creati....Read more
Rebecca McNab has worked with a wide range of media, including pastel, printmaking and painting. She also has a strong digital art practice. Rebecca's work is highly conceptual, exploring subjects as....Read more
Penny Cameron is a Nelson based artist working predominantly in stained glass, but also mosaic, fabric and jewellery making as the mood takes her. Penny was blessed with being the daughter of a ver....Read more
A Graphic Designer by trade, Olivia Andrews has been working in traditional and digital methods for the past 17 years. She enjoys all forms of art and design and finds it both 'therapeutic and exhilar....Read more
Nick Lowry is an art director and mural artist who has completed large scale murals around Christchurch and engaged in various public art projects. He aims to use his experience as a scenic artist for....Read more
NEST Arts Collective aims to support and promote the creative practice of makers and creators in North Canterbury. By working together to build a creative haven, inspiration incubator and launchpad fo....Read more
Kaitiaki Studios is an ever-evolving space of artistic development led by Artist/Designer Morgan Mathews-Hale. Kaitiaki is the Te Reo Māori concept of guardianship; Kaitiaki represents care and consi....Read more
Mel is a multidisciplinary artist who enjoys making objects and images that often create a double take and sense of wonder. Working with anything and everything from painting to digital work, sewin....Read more
McChesney-Kelly Adams is a multi-disciplinary artist from Christchurch. She is focused on subjects such as life and in most of her works you will see animals, portraits and plants. She is dedicated to....Read more
Martyn has has always been a bit of a creative individual specialising in airbrush art and sign writing. He has now turned his attention to design and full wrapping of vehicles and the thought of havi....Read more
Pop Up Penguins

Pop Up Penguins