Zulfirman Syah

Zulfirman Syah is originally from West Sumatra, Indonesia. He completed a degree in fine art and has been developing his professional career for more than twenty years.

Having immigrated to New Zealand in early 2019, he resides in Christchurch with his wife and young son. Following a lengthy recovery from injuries sustained in the mosque attacks, he has recently begun English study at Ara Institute.

Making art has always been his primary passion. Through his contemporary abstract style, carefully cultivated technique, and unique vision, he strives to make an impact on the evolution of art. Usually working with heavy body acrylic paint on canvas, his current style is one that he discovered a few years ago. It involves first creating a two-dimensional abstract relief sculpture from pieces of dried paint, taking a photo, and then applying a realist technique to recreate it on canvas. This process gives life to something previously seen as useless.

Artists often mix their paint on a palette, and while the finished painting is the focus of attention, the dried paint is usually discarded. Zulfirman finds joy in creating something from materials otherwise forgotten.


Zulfirman created the Resilience penguin.

Pop Up Penguins

Pop Up Penguins