Rebecca McNab

Rebecca McNab has worked with a wide range of media, including pastel, printmaking and painting. She also has a strong digital art practice. Rebecca’s work is highly conceptual, exploring subjects as diverse as the natural environment, pop culture and myths and legends. Rebecca has a degree in art and design from Ara Institute in Christchurch.

Rebecca McNab is a senior artist in the Ōtautahi Creative Spaces creative wellbeing community, which is located at the Phillipstown Community Hub. This vibrant community gathering place houses a wide range of cultural and social services. They have an expansive community garden, after schools programme, refugee services, as well as pottery and other art classes.

Rebecca was chosen to create the penguin on behalf of the Phillipstown Community Hub. Its theme ‘Connections’ reflects the interconnection between people and the environment. Rebecca uses delicate threads that connect and link human hands with birds, animals, the sun and sea.

The ‘Connections’ penguin was created as part of a partnership with Christchurch City Council, the Phillipstown Community Hub and Ōtautahi Creative Spaces.

For more information about Rebecca McNab see her profile on the Ōtautahi Creative Spaces website:

Pop Up Penguins

Pop Up Penguins