Morgan Mathews-Hale (Kaitiaki Studios)

Kaitiaki Studios is an ever-evolving space of artistic development led by Artist/Designer Morgan Mathews-Hale. Kaitiaki is the Te Reo Māori concept of guardianship; Kaitiaki represents care and consideration and adapting ourselves internally as we exist in harmony with our natural world, with others in our lives, and within ourselves.

True to its name, Kaitiaki Studios has been a pillar of healing and personal growth for Morgan as she has grown into her identity as one of Ōtautahi’s leading Māori wāhine artists. Morgan has experience in many different creative sectors and meeting the demands for Aotearoa inspired artwork and designs at an international level. Kaitiaki Studios prides itself on their ability to include Māori design, with reference to local narratives or values of each individual or organisation. We can then convert personally designed drawings to vector images creating a unique product for each client.

Morgan is extremely ambitious and continues to find and explore new ways of creative expression. Her earliest art form was pencil sketches, which developed into exploring painting in various mediums while studying at Toihoukura. She was then trained in tattoo application by a collective of skilled artists at Expression Tattoo and Gallery from 2013­-2016 and externally mentored by local tohunga who have helped integrate Māori narrative and traditional forms into her work.

With consistent work through Ariki Creative, she developed her skills in graphic design and using technology as yet another platform for creativity. This is the development of company branding, logos, replicating patterns, and basic layout for brochure/web, but has developed into a passion for spatial design and integrated and public artworks.

Kaitiaki Studios offer a range of creative services, but are continually looking to evolve, embracing new creative challenges, and any opportunity to up-skill, collaborate, or mentor.

Morgan created the Pererū, Kia Manawaroa and the Pāua penguins.

Pop Up Penguins

Pop Up Penguins