Katrina Perano

As a child Katrina Perano always wanted to be a zoologist. So now being an animal artist, she can study all creatures to her heart’s content. “I have an utter fascination for all creatures. Creatures of the sea mesmerise me and I love creating artworks using them, hardly surprising, considering my family’s history. I remember my grandfather Perano’s cabinet of curiosity’s, which took up nearly two walls. Within it was a preserved Nautilus, displayed in an Agee jar, this mesmerised me for hours with its tentacle puzzle.

I am so fortunate to regularly hang out on a fishing vessel (too much sea water in my blood) this has given me an endless source of material for artworks. My maternal grandfather taught me to draw at four & I haven’t stopped since. Apparently, I had ‘ants in my pants’ and this was to keep me largely out of mischief.” Katrina works from a studio on the Banks Peninsula, with its beautiful landscape & ocean.

With an Honours degree in fine arts. Katrina works in a wide variety of mediums & always has something on the go. “I am never bored. I firmly believe that with life having its many hard patches, the art of beauty, delight, joy & amusement, are truly important.”

Katrina created the One Fish penguin.

Pop Up Penguins

Pop Up Penguins