Jane Downes

Jane Downes is a Sculptor/Designer living and working in Little River on Banks Peninsula. Her practice consists of small to large, indoor and outdoor works. Rather than working in the ‘full round’ her pieces are constructed from parts plasma cut and formed from sheet steel. She calls this style ‘2 1/2D’.

Jane is interested in feelings evoked by shape, form and pattern and how we react to scale and light. She uses forms in her work that resonate with her, both natural and manmade, often common or from childhood, sometimes delicate and fleeting objects from nature, sometimes robust geometric forms from popular culture and industry. Specific themes include colonisation, security and shelter along with more abstract themes commenting on the human condition, challenging preconceptions of purpose and beauty, valuable and lowly, masculine and feminine, permanence and the ephemeral. These dichotomies are also reflected in her use of scrap, recycled, found and industrial materials.

She exhibits at Galleries and major Sculpture events throughout New Zealand and undertakes site and client specific Commissions as well as selling her smaller works online. She believes in making her work accessible and so most pieces are unlimited editions.


Jane created the Kiwiama penguin.

Pop Up Penguins

Pop Up Penguins