Gemma Rae Dudson

Gemma Rae Dudson (aka Gemma Rae Artist) is a self taught freelance artist. She is a passionate artist in many areas; as a painter she commissions beautiful kids paintings and also loves creating bright, colourful, pop art/Japanese anime, street art and graffiti inspired pieces of her own. She likes to work mostly with acrylics paints, but likes to do water colour, spray paint, pen and pencil drawings as well.

Gemma is a Makeup Artist and Body Painter who does makeups from weddings to party’s to festivals. She is a multiple award winning Body Painter, which she absolutely loves! She has been focusing on her creative makeup and body art a lot this year and hopes to one day make it huge in this industry.

Gemma is also a professional dancer who is trained in ballet, jazz, contemporary and musical theatre and has been a performer/choreographer for Christchurch company “Epic Entertainment” for the past seven years. On top of that she has done live body art installations for Epic Entertainment and also does the creative makeup/body paint for many of the characters they bring to life!

Gemma created the Aztec Floral Fusion and Fruitypatooty penguins.

Pop Up Penguins

Pop Up Penguins