The Secret Life of Ice

The Details:

Name: The Secret Life of Ice

Artist: Ira Mitchell


Inspired by the structure of ice, this will be amplified by sparkles. A beautiful reflection of nature. Ira has a BFA in art, a Postgrad Diploma in Teaching and is currently studying for her Masters in Art at Ara Institute of Technology. Along with being an educator for National Geographic and GOLDEN paints of New York, Ira also works full time as an artist and tutor in Christchurch. Ira has Civic and New Zealander of the Year awards, for being a local community hero through her art. Ira spends a large proportion of her time contributing to the community, through art donations and giving her time to local schools to create murals. Ira was a commissioned artist for Wild in Art’s ‘Christchurch Stands Tall’ event.

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